Friday, November 09, 2007

It arrived at last!

I was totally thrilled yesterday afternoon when my first issue of Victoria finally arrived. I had been hearing about it from online friends and couldn't wait to get mine. It is really wonderful and in the style of how Victoria was in the beginning. This promises to be a good start for the relaunch.

Isn't this a fun irony? This article about Tasha Tudor's historical dresses started with this title page which shares the name of my blog. The dresses were beautiful too. It is wonderful to have our old Victoria magazine back once again!

Our tiny half bath has been totally stripped. In just a few short hours, Jos and a friend's husband ripped out the toilet, sink and the tiles on the walls. This meant lots of dust downstairs and I am now giving the entry hall, laundry room, and living room/dining room/kitchen a deep clean. I am wax cleaning the wood floors bits at a time. While I dust, I have been playing with rearranging the vignettes on my tables. This is now the autumn arrangement on my coffee table. I moved this quilt and cornucopia to the living room as it had been by the front door on a sidetable. I like having it here for Thanksgiving.

I have now placed the sidetable in the living room behind the couch and no longer have it set up as a writing desk. I am missing the way it was before but it is fun to try something different. I put out a book bound collection of the family magazine from the Victorian period called "Sunday At Home". On this book is a pair of antique eyeglasses. I wish I could find more of them to add to my collection. I have four pairs so far.

I had to keep my red antique and vintage books in the book ends. These are some of my favorites! The lace you see on this sidetable has my own homemade bobbin lace.

My mother bought this paperweight from a charity shop in England on one of our visit and gave it to me.

A few responses ~
Sophie and Julie ~ I will try to post some more photos soon of the cottage. It is very small but yes, very magical and romantic. We love our weekends there!

Mary ~ We are not allowed to live in the cottage permanently. The law says you can stay there 40 weeks a year unless the status changes for the road. We do love it up north and would like to live there permanently one day which would mean selling the cottage and buying a house. We found out that the red and vanilla of our cottage are the original colors from when they were built. There is a sweet little old lady in her 80s across from us who is still the original owner of hers. Have a fun weekend at Emerald Isle, NC and share some photos if you can.

Nancy ~ I wish you could come by for a cup of hot chocolate! I did not jump into the leaves. I don't think that would be a good idea with my back.

Andylynne ~ The chest is something we purchased when we lived in Sweden many years ago. It has the year were were married stamped in the lid also which made us want to buy it even more. We like using it as a coffee table. The house is so small and this chest works very well there.

Gail ~ Planting bulbs in the grass is very popular here. It gives a wild and natural effect. You simply mow the leaves away when you mow the grass 6 weeks after they have bloomed. It also is effective as you don't 'use up space' in your flower borders.


Nancy said...

I'm glad you like the new Victoria.
I guess I will have to start looking for more glasses for you, Oh My. You keep me busy hunting things. You will be off to the cottage in a few hours and tomorrow I will be off to Krisy's. Have fun this weekend.
Love you, Mom

Kristen said...

I know you were waiting for your new Victoria to arrive. I know you will have a blast in your cottage this weekend! Thanks for sharing all of your treasures!

Nancy said...

Everything looks so beautiful Heidi! I'll have to look around here and see if anyone is carrying Victoria. Barnes & Noble surely will. I love your cornucopia for Thanksgiving, and once again the red books are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, I'm sooo jealous!! I'm STILL waiting to receive my copy of Victoria! I think I'm the only person who hasn't seen it yet.

Love how you've re-arranged things! Those eyeglasses are perfect on top of the book.

~ hugs, Lynda xo

Nunnie's Attic said...

I keep meaning to tell you that I love the music on your playlist.

I never heard of a law not allowing a person to live somewhere permanently. Maybe we have those kinds a laws around here and I just never knew.

Anyway...have fun looking at your magazine and doing all that cleaning (ha ha.) When I went to dust today I realized I didn't have any Pledge left. So I used Murphy's Oil soap in the spray bottle. YUCK!! All of that wax build up and grime just embedded in it. Looks a lot better now. I think I'll just use that from now on! Have a great time at the cottage!


Andylynne said...

Bobbin Lace, you made it your self! That is amazing, wonderful and way more talent than I have. It is beautiful, I love the pattern.
I'm glad to see someone as thrilled as I was about Victoria Magazines return. I love it and did think about your blog when I read the article about Tasha Tudors clothing:). Victoria has been a part of my life for years and years. Plus I have been a Tasha fan for ever as well. Lots of good things for the holidays.
Even though remodeling is lots of work it's so fun to see how things turn out. Can't wait to see what your going to replace it with?

Jeanne said...

I have a Victoria subscription coming, too -- can't wait! Your Cranberry Cottage looks so cozy and dear!
Jeanne :)

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Heidi,

I'm glad you finally got your Victoria :) I peeked at it and found myself sad that it wasn't thicker! Your bobbin lace is beautiful, do you make it yourself? I just enlarged the picture of Cranberry Cottage and WOW! What a lovely cozy place you have!


Janice said...

Yay! Your 'Victoria' has finally arrived! :o) I thought of you, too, when I saw the page which said 'Celebrate the Seasons'. I love your vintage decor, it's all very lovely and looks like a step back in time.

Mary said...

Your rearrangements look delightful Heidi - you have such cozy homes, makes me wish I could knock at your door and be invited in!

Glad you got your Victoria - I too noticed they 'used' your blog title - those are great words!

Off to the coast in an hour or so - Jasmin is still sleeping - I kept her up late viewing all the photos from England - she's been with us twice so knows many of the places and of course has met family and friends.

Weather is going to be good - 60's and sunny - we are so desperate for rain though, the garden is sad looking. Talk with you next week - hope your weekend is fabulous and you kick/rake some leaves!

The Tattered Nest said...

Your living room looks so cozy, like a English library...

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love all your vignettes! Glad you got your Victoria!!
p.s. thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things about my mosaic tea cart! No, I am not keeping is already on my website for sale..:-)

Nan - said...

This is getting very scary, Heidi, :<) - just yesterday I was thinking about doing a post on the new Victoria!

I don't understand about the cottage use. Do you mean it is a rental or a time-share?

I love the table with the glasses.

scj said...

Hi, I'm just discovering your wonderful blog. I love the music - how clever to get all those tunes up on for us to hear. I am fairly new to blogging but am gradually picking things up. It really is great fun.
I wish we could get Victoria magazine over here in the UK but I haven't seen it anywhere and that means central London too.
Thanks for all you share. Do pop on over to my blog when you have a moment.

angelasweby said...

Oh Heidi,
Thank you for the preview of the Victoria magazine. I can't wait for my copy to arive. I loved following all the articles about Tasha Tudor, what an admirable woman.

Your displays are as beautiful as ever. Your red books positively beam with pleasure, they enjoy being out on display. I love the little glasses and the beautiful lace - now, have I mentioned everything :>)
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

I love all your little displays. Such a lovely idea!

I have read so much about Victoria magazine on various blogs but have never seen one. I don't think they are sold in Australia. They do sound wonderful.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

You have such lovely things in your home! And I can't wait to see how the renovations go-the photos will be great!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!xx

Ragged Roses said...

I love your little vignettes! These corners make a house a home. How lucky to have a copy of Victoria magazine too. Have a good week and hope the bath progresses quickly!
Kim x

regina barnett said...

love the books and the bookends.