Friday, November 02, 2007

It doesn't get much cuter than this.....

Meet Zoe my precious little 5 year old grand niece. I call her my Zoe Pickle and she has the sweetest and fun personality. She loves dressing up all the time but she was supposed to dress up as a character in a book for her kindergarden Halloween parade. Zoe picked Tinkerbell. Her color is right as each year I tease her and tell her to dress up as a pickle.

This is a photo with her good little friend Judith who dressed as Dorothy. Look at those faces! I would say their Halloween was great. This is what Halloween is all about. Having fun!


Amanda said...

HA HA HA! You beat Gramma to it! She turned out SOOO cute! it was worth every penny! We all had a great time this year!

Love you!
Mandie (Zoe's Mommy)

Nancy said...

YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT! You beat me to putting this on my blog. She is MYYYYYYYYY Zoe Princess. I agree however, she is one beautiful little girl.
Love Mom

The Tattered Nest said...

so cute! she is so blessed to have a loving great auntie like you!

regina barnett said...

she looks adoreable. I love the green.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Well she is the perfect little Tink isn't she??

Looks like she had fun with Dorothy!


Ragged Roses said...

Those girls look beautiful. My mother in law calls my youngest pickle too! Have a good weekend
Kim x
PS we did go trick or treating, my youngest was a little devil and the oldest was a vampire!

Anonymous said...

Oh heidi
They look absolutely gorgeous. Zoe looks as bright as a button and a perfect little Tinker..haha!. It's a real treat to see youngsters enjoying themselves.
Hugs, Angela

Mary said...

Such a precious 'pickle' - in fact both little girls are adorable.

Have a wonderful weekend at your cottage Heidi - how about some pics, I know it must be so pretty.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

So cute!!!! And Heidi, you know of course I want to see some of your carousel wedding photos now lol...

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

What a pretty little Tinkerbell she made indeed :)


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

The girls are so cute! I could not post a comment on the nature walk I will post it on this one.

Yes, I can only imagine trolls and gnomes lurking about in the woods. What I find interesting is how perfect the trees align. And those toad stools are wonderful - unlike any here in the states. It looks like a wonderful place to get out and stretch your cross stitching legs. :) How was your weekend Heidi? I hope it went well for you and Jos. Oh, my dad's sweetheart is from that how you spell it? She is one hundred percent Dutch.

Thank you for your sweet sentiments about my Doogs. You are precious. I hope that you will find your little Corgi soon!!! You need a little puppy!!


Kristen said...

I have to admit that I have the cutest neice ever! ;) What a doll! I miss her very much!

Anonymous said...

Heidi--Both little girls are beautiful. What a great idea the teacher had--dress as your favorite character from a book.

Andrea in California