Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A visit to Cranberry Cottage

After not being able to go to the cottage in October, it was really wonderful to return there this past weekend. We were not sure how much color we would see. Although many trees are loosing their leaves, the colors are still pretty as you can see from this road which leads us to the dirt road the cottage is on.

Here is our new sign hanging by the front door to our tiny little house. When we bought the house 3 years ago, I thought right away that I wanted to name it Cranberry Cottage. It is painted in a cranberry red which I thought was so adorablem that I wanted to keep it so. We are busy each year working on projects to fix this place up and it has really become our little country retreat. We love being here. The area and people in this region are really wonderful!

We spent the weekend raking leaves. The woods bordering the garden are pretty no matter what time of year.

We planted some more daffodils and crocus in the grass which will greet us with color this coming spring. The rack we have out in the summer needed to be stored for the winter months so I reworked some of the objects I had on the rack into an outdoor vigette on the table.

And then comes time to light the lanterns, candles and fireplace and enjoy an evening meal. Here is a peak into the window.

Don't forget to enlarge the photos so you can see them well.

A note to all ~ Thanks so much for the kind remarks about our bathroom. We are now realizing what an easy makeover it was as we are breaking the old tiles off the half bath walls today and I have a terrible mess to contend with now. It was not so upstairs. The new floor has made all the difference in the room. We thought it was so cold looking before but the new tiles have made the wall tiles come up with a warmer glow.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh it looks magical!!! I'd love to see even more photos of it!!!

Ragged Roses said...

It must be lovely to have such a wonderful hideaway to visit. It looks gorgeous, such a great time to be out in the garden too. Lovely photos
Kim x

Nunnie's Attic said...

Sophie's right. It does look magical. And so romantic. I love it. Share, share, share away!


Mary said...

Can't you live there all the time Heidi? It looks amazing - the perfect little bolt hole.......and toadstools right outside the door I'm sure.
The new sign is stunning - love the red paint - the candolier - everything. I know you and Jos must find it all so romantic. My second home is a townhouse I rent to my son and his girlfried - another Heidi - certainly low on my list of romantic places.

I was interested in your comments on property costs in Holland - guess I won't be moving there either!

Yes, I'm doing it - decluttering - though it will be a long, slow process. Taking a second load to the church thrift shop today - china, glassware etc. Have far too much - need to keep just enough to cover a small party or dinner, we don't have room to do entertaining on a grand style anyway! At the Tuscan brunch I did on the return from Italy a few years back, people were falling over each other - some had to eat outside (even though it was Nov.) luckily the weather was good!

I'm off to Emerald Isle, NC for the weekend - will be waving across the pond to you!

Nancy said...

Cranberry Cottage is lovely Heidi! I love all the trees (I bet you already knew that). Did you and Jos jump in the leaf piles?

Your tablescape is very pretty, and the little birds are so sweet.

The photo of the inside makes you feel so warm and cozy. I felt like I was there drinking a cup of hot chocolate while sitting underneath your gorgeous candle chandelier!


Mary said...

Me again, I just read your comment - you and Mom would really love it there!

Bob returns this evening - I'll collect him from the airport and we'll stop by SuzAnna's Antiques.............but NOT to buy stuff! It's their Holiday Open House so I promise to just nibble, drink and admire the decorations....unless the perfect something or other pops out and grabs me!!!! I can be so weak when beauty and a bargain hits me between the eyes!

Nancy said...

Ok, I love your sign. It is perfect for that cottage. You have come so far making it yours.
I remember walking into it the first time. What a hugh difference you and Jos have made there. It is a sooooo nice retreat.
Love you, Mom

Kristen said...

I just love the pics and cant wait to see it in person! How pretty! The drive there looks jsut as pretty!

Andylynne said...

What a wonderful place you have in Cranberry Cottage. Thank you for the special glimpse in to that special place. That piece in front of the sofa is beautiful. Was it intended as a table or a chest?

The Tattered Nest said...

I love your retreat...lucky you! I am glad you are enjoying and all! I like the idea of planting bulbs in the grass...

Anonymous said...

The sign is really nice and I like the bathroom changes too.

Anonymous said...

Cranberry Cottage looks so beautiful ~ especially lit up with candlelight!! I can't wait to see pictures next spring of the bulbs you and Jos have planted. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

ps ~ the sign looks fabulous!!

angelasweby said...

Oh heidi,
What a beautiful place. I can feel it's atmosphere from here. No wonder you and Jos feel, not only your batteries recharged but your souls nourished every time you go there. I love the new sign and the interior looks so inviting. Will we get a chance to visit it when we come over?
Hugs, Angela