Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wouldn't it be fun to live in Cranford?

'A man', as one of them observed to me once, 'is so in the way in the house'.

This quote comes at the opening of the novel "Cranford" by Elizabeth Gaskell. I found it very humorous as I started on my first visit to Cranford.

I was so excited to see that the film adaptation of this novel is coming to the BBC starting this Sunday. I think it was Nan who asked if I read my vintage books. The answer is yes although very carefully. Some of the books are over 100 years old and must be handled with great care. I realized that I needed to start reading this one before I see the series on the BBC. I like to read the book first, don't you?

This is a tiny book and I can just imagine a lady in the Victorian times going into the bookshop to purchase this little edition. Was it maybe wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string for her to carry home? Did she sit on a chaise with a throw over her while reading this in the afternoons? Or perhaps she carried with her and sat in the garden to enjoy it among her fragrant flowers? Did she revel in the witty views of Victorian life in a country village?

If you pick up an old book and start to read it, you can be transported back into time with ladies like this.

Our half bath is coming along very nicely and I hope to have photos to share with you in the coming days. At this moment, the last bits of installing the sink and toilet are being completed. Time to shop for a new mirror! I also want to invite you all to be sure you visit me on Friday as I will be announcing a give~away.

Photo taken in our garden at Cranberry Cottage.

A few responses:
Lynda ~ I was so pleased to see you visiting again. I hope your Victoria arrives in your mailbox this week. You are going to love it!

Julie ~ I used to volunteer at one of the castles here in Holland. I did a few jobs there but especially loved working there on the closing day with the cleaning crew. It felt so naughty and wonderful to be able to go into the spaces normally roped off and actually dust the items. It was done with a set of paintbrushes. Many castles say you should use a soft cloth that has only been lightly dampened to dust your wooden furniture. I do this now instead of using Pledge and am happy with the results. I will every once in a while use Pledge because I love the smell. It saves you money on cleaning supplies also and they say it is better for your furniture. You could maybe try it and see how you like it.

Andylynne ~ Another Tasha Tudor fan here! Do you have the books about her: The Private World of Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor's Garden, Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts and Forever Christmas? They are wonderful books! I even had my mother knit me a shoulder wrap just like Tasha's in one of the books while she was here.

Dena ~ I do make bobbin lace myself. I just had a lace evening with a friend last night. We started another Christmas ornament. I will be showing its progress later on today over on my other blog if you are interested in seeing it.

Gail ~ How thrilled I was to read your comment. I have always wanted to create an English library in one of our bedrooms and love that look. To me, your saying my living room gives that feeling was a huge compliment. Thank you so much.

scj ~ I tried your blog but it is not showing any posts at the moment. Is that correct or is there another one?

Nan ~ The cottage is our own private property but Holland is the land of rules, taxes, more rules and even more taxes. When you purchase a property with a recreation permit, you have restrictions as to how you can use it. The silly thing is there is lots of talk about changing our road to permanent status but they don't want to bother of having to pave the road and add street lights. We felt that was silly as the road beside us that leads to ours does not have street lights but is permanent status. If they do ever change it, will would consider adding on and staying there. It is such an ideal spot.

Angela ~ I do hope we will be able to make it to the north and have a visit at the cottage. I thought since I talk about it so much that it would be fun to do during the get~together if possible.

Mary ~ If you did come knock on my door, you would most surely be invited in. Oh that would be such fun!

And to all my blogging friends ~ I want to thank you all for the comments about my decorating. I love creating vignettes and changing them regularly. It is a great way to renew your feelings in your home. I want you all to know how much I appreciate your visit to my home!


Ragged Roses said...

I haven't read the book but I am so looking forward to seeing the TV adaptation on Sunday. The trailers have looked wonderful!
Kim x

Teresa said...

I love the edition of Cranford you have and like you I have read all three books being used for the BBC adaptation before it begins. I hope we won't be disappointed as I read that they have made changes - I'd love to know if you enjoy it.

Nunnie's Attic said...

I haven't heard anything about this series, either in book form or on the TV. I don't know where I have been. Obviously not paying attention!

Enjoy your book!


Nancy said...

If Heidi tells the truth, she is
always making me make shawls for her. She never gets tired of new scarfs and shawls. Have fun with
your book and TV show. I know you will.
Love you, Mom

Nan - said...

Your words about the lady buying this book reminds me of a book you might like. Have you ever read Time and Again by Jack Finney, published in 1970? It is about a modern man who is able to transport himself back to 1880s New York City. It is a fascinating story of life in those times and how they differ from the present.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

There is nothing better than the escape found in the pages of a good book :)


Andylynne said...

What a wonderful little book, and the illistrations are so detailed. I reallly liked what you wrote about it being purchesed new. I confess I haven't ever looked at my vintage books that way. I have several vintage books, I will have to envision them in that way now.

Heidi, I do have all of the books about Tasha Tudor, I love them! and one about her art, and another by Betheny her daugter about her early years. That woman has more guts than I could imagine! I love her red wool cape. I want one in the worst way.
What a great idea about the shoulder cape, I bought my mom one similar at a thrift store. She hasn't used it, I may have to steal it back :) I love capes shawls, scarves too. Maybe you could askyour mom nicely for that red cape like Tasha's for christmas. Or would that be pushing a point:)

Wild Rose said...

I love that quote Heidi! It is so true ~ they are always making the place look untidy.

No, I haven't read Cranford, so will have to find time to rectify this. It will probably be quite a while before the serial reaches us here in Canada.

Marie x

Kristen said...

The book sounds very nice! I too find myself wondering who read the book and what adventures it had been along for. Wonderful history within the pages as well as the story that goes with the book and its owner. The hedgie is adorable by the way!

Mary said...

Dear Heidi, what a beautiful book! I, too, love imagining who used the antiques that I own, and how they lived their daily lives. I love the illustration in your book -- I often wonder how people can break up books like that just to frame the illustrations.

Hope you enjoy the BBC adaptation. Wish we could see it here.

Nancy said...

Ok Kristy, that is Mrs. Tiggie Winkle, all Hedgehogs are. She is from Beatrix Potter.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this book but I'll watch for it to see if it comes to PBS here. Thanks so much for your comments, Heidi! If you don't mind, I'd like to use your method of replying to comments on my blog ... I think it would work much better than me trying to catch up with everyone individually. ~ hugs, Lynda xoxo

regina barnett said...

Looks like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Heidi - I did wave and as the ocean was incredibly calm for Nov. I'm certain you must have seen me, ha! ha!

Love your hedgehog - I have a similar one in my garden - a gift from a dear friend. Growing up I had several living/hibernating in the box hedge around our English garden.

Your books are so lovely - I just love b/w illustrations in books - the artist's work is usually so detailed.

We may get a little rain tonight - at long last - perhaps my shrubs will perk up a bit. Hope your week is going well.

Anonymous said...

love little books!