Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little toy village

I found my Christmas spirit today and have been decorating all day long. This little toy village was handmade for me by my mother and sister. We grew up with this village under my mother's tree and later she made me one for my very own. Don't forget you can enlarge each photo if you really want to go inside Christmas Village...

My sister's childhood song of the Little Toy Village haunts my mother and I as we put up our villages at Christmas. She used to sing that song all the time and I have never been able to find all the words to it...

"There's a little toy village, underneath the tree.
Sweetest little town you will ever see.
There's a Little Toy Village underneath the tree
And it comes to life on Christmas."

If anyone does know it, I would love to have all the words. Perhaps these carolers know them?

These boys are having a grand snowball fight at the pond in front of the toy shop. Of course, in Christmas Village, the toy shop is the largest building in town.

Carolers and bell ringers are everywhere...

People are busy preparing for Christmas and searching for just that right tree to bring home. Uh oh boys! Watch out as the school master is on his way to the village square.

And just what are these little rascals getting into?

Do you have your yule log ready for Christmas eve to keep you warm?

Don't you wish you lived in Christmas Village?


Roberta said...

Love the village Heidi, it must bring back some wonderful and sad memories for you.

How did your Mom make this village, curious minds want to know!!!

Hope your holidays are going well.

With Holiday Stitches,
Peace and Goodwill,

Nancy said...

I have that same village and you did things I have never done with it. Like putting the carolers in front of the lady in the house. I love that. Now I want me village out. LOL. As you know, it is still in the attic. I painted these houses, Roberta, but i bought the pieces. I cannot even remember how many I painted.
Love you, Mom

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Such a charming little village! I adore it. Isn't this just the best time of year??

Fran├žoise said...

Charming little village!!!

Solstitches said...

Your little village is magical Heidi.
What a beautiful thing to bring out each year and also to have such happy memories of your sister singing.

Anonymous said...

Your little village looks sweet, Heidi and all the more special because it was made by your mom and your sister.

hazel c UK said...

Your village is beautiful Heidi and must be so special to you. It was lovely wandering round it and I can imagine your Mum painting the little houses, the little figures remind me so much of the playmobil people.
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful scene. Love Hazel (UK)

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I do wish I lived in a sweet village like that, Heidi! It's wonderful.

Take good care of yourself so you can get over that cold!

Tone said...

I had to read this blog once more - did your mother MAKE this village herself?
This is the most fantastic village I have ever seen! Im sure you spent hour after hour in front of this village as a kid, imaging and playing, dreaming... And what lovely memories you have with your sisters song - hope someone are able to give you the words missing. I see it mean a lot to you.
Funny you put out these pictures today, - at work I told the girls that as a little girl I always wanted a tiny xmas village with tiny ladies skating on a kind of "mirror-lake" - lin front of houses like the ones you shows ovely coats and hats in old fashion style, tiny roads...all with a light inside...and when I come home i see this!!
I have just arrived home - have been at a restaurant with the girls - always nice to laugh for hours!
Have a nice evening!
Thanks for sharing your childhood memory - I see that memories of your sister are strong now this xmas month Heidi. Take care.
Hugs from Tone

Linda said...

Heidi, your village is magicial and it is ever so special being your mom made. I loved looking at all the shops and playing make believe.
I enjoyed all the Santa's in your previous post and your sister's card is so very special...little things like this mean so much and help to keep them close and always in our heart..hugs, Linda

p.s. Are you feeling better..I hope so.

Carolien said...

Have to look at this for sure! How special your mother and sister made this themselves!!!!!!!

Hugs, Carolien

Ginny said...

I can't believe your village is hand made! It's wonderful!!

My daughter, Grace, has lots of village house from JoAnn's, but we don't have room to put them out. I'd love to figure out some way to display them as they're a joy to behold.

Joanne said...

I love your village, Heidi! It makes me want to put ours out, but we always end up with one of the four cats sitting in the middle of it, terrorizing the "little people" of the village :) Dagi, your nurse, is much better behaved!
Holiday Hugs, Joanne

Barbara said...

Heidi, your village is beautiful. I wasn't going to get mine out, but maybe I will now! We'll see how time goes.


Anonymous said...

Wat een schattig kerstdorpje Heidi!Mmm,je zou er zo in willen rondlopen...;-))0

Christine said...

Awesome!! That is the sweetest little village ever! How special that it was made by your mom and sister. What a treasure!

Dena said...

Oh that little village is so sweet! I wish I lived in a little snowy cozy town like that :)


Mary said...

Yes Heidi, I would like to live there, in fact in any village, and I'd like the clock to turn back to the late 1800's when life was more gentile, people were kind, material things meant little in the scheme of things, and overall life was surely much safer and sweeter than today.

Mom did a wonderful paint job on the houses - I'll engage her to paint my house perhaps!!! I do hope someone can give you all the words to the song - I know it must really nostalgic for you and your entire family.

Unknown said...

Dear Heidi,

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. It must bring back some really precious memories.

I'm trying to create something special for my girls so that when they grow up they will remember the good times.

How did your Mom make this village?

Happy holidays all the way from Chennai, India,


Anonymous said...

The "Willage" is looking good!

Jassnaround said...

Hi there. I saw your wish on your blog for the lyrics of "The Little Toy Village". I will be putting a download to the mp3 file for this song on my blog in the next few days/weeks. Look for it and you can have it all -- lyrics, music, everything.