Monday, June 04, 2007

Landing in a fairy tale.....

Welcome to Diebolsheim! This small village in the Alsace, France is located very near the German border. We regularly have gone to the Alsace over the years as one of our favorite vacation spots. We normally stay in a B&B along the wine route. But after buying a German magazine with an article about a B&B in this village, we decided to try this one out. We worried it was a bit out of the way from the villages we love to visit. From the moment we arrived, we were not disappointed and realized we had landed in a very special place! This photo is of the roundabout as you drive into the village. This little Alsacian boy and girl on a see~saw was only a glimpse of what was yet to come...

We drove into the rue de l'Abbé Wendling and there before us was the most charming typical Alsacian house. This is the house of Pierrette and Jean-Luc who welcome you to their home and gardens. This is the old family farm and Jean-Luc's parents still reside in a small house beside this one as you come into the gates. The former barn has been transformed into a warm and inviting retreat for vacationers. I felt the magic of this place the moment Pierrette opened her door and greeted us!

She has created a very special interior with a collection of antique and vintage items to which she added her own touch. There is an open kitchen with tables to sit at for breakfast as well as a welcoming sitting area with a wood stove. On this chair is the magazine where this all started for us, the German "Wohnen & Garten".

Everywhere you look, there is something wonderful to see!

We were welcomed with a delicious cup of espresso and Pierrette sat with us to chat for a while. She goes from French to German to English in a moment's time and makes all feel at home.

You will notice in many of the pictures that there are various watering cans. She collects them in all forms and uses them throughout the B&B. Even the key chain to your room is a watering can. Notice the adorable watering cans hanging from the lace curtains? All the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This is a view from the gardens up to our room which is located behind the French balcony upstairs. I will be sharing photos of the garden later as well as sharing another of Pierrette's collections with you.

When you stay at Ambiance Jardin (, you cannot help but make friends not only with the proprieters but also with their beautiful dogs. Shown is Nikki who would roll onto her back for a nice backrub when she saw us open the gates if we had been away. She has a sister roaming around the garden who's name is Nina.

Pierrette has four rooms in her B&B that are all decorated in their own special way. We had the Wild Flowers room or yellow room. It has a French balcony which looks out over the garden. You wake up looking through the climbing roses as morning greets you! Pierrette treats you to a wonderful breakfast with baguette and her homemade jams, cheese or sausage along with a speically homebaked treat each morning all enjoyed with a hot cup of cafe au lait. What better way to start the day?

Everything about this room says come stay a while and relax! Vintage items spread around the room are so fun to see.

I simply could not take enough photos to share with you so I will be splitting this up in three sections. Please come back later to see the photos of the gardens. I have stayed in a number of B&Bs over the years and many are so very charming but this one was magical. See my other blog to view Pierrette's other collection ~ vintage and new needlework.


Nancy said...

I can see why it felt magical Heidi! What a gorgeous place to be. I love her watering can collection, and I can't wait to see what else she collects. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.


Rhonda in OK said...

So glad you had a lovely vacation.
The pictures are beautiful

Lynda said...

It looks like a wonderful B&B, Heidi ~ very cosy and welcoming. I can't wait to see pictures of the garden! I used your pasta recipe last night and it was delicious! Thank you so much for sharing it. ♥

Terri said...

What a wonderful place you found! Sounds like you were in your element,hu? Kindred souls, so to speak.
I liked the dandylion print! How fun!
Thanks for all the wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece of luck that you found this amazing B&B. You were obviously meant to come across it. I've enjoyed the tour of the house enormously and just love those little watering cans and birdcage. It's definitely gone on my list of places to visit.
Warm hugs, Angela

Ragged Roses said...

It really does look like something out of fairyland! You were very lucky to find it. Looking forward to seeing photos of the garden too!
Kim x

Lavender Rose said...

Heidi, This looks like just the place for all kinds of imaginary fun and stitching dreams!! I'll bet you had a fabulous time...