Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lily ~ the symbol of purity

After sharing a photo of my day lily from our garden yesterday, I was inspired to look up the lily in my book "The Language of Flowers". It states that lily means 'purity'. it is one of the oldest flowers in the world. It was the personal flower of Hera, the moon goddess. It is also dedicated to the Virgin Mary in honor of her purity and is used in many religious festivals. Legend says the first lily sprang up from Eve's tears as she left the Garden of Eden. It is also a favorite flower for many brides to include in their bouquets since it is a symbol for purity.

The painting is by John Singer Sargent called "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose". He is said to have worked on this painting from August to November of 1885 in the garden of Farnham House in the village of Broadway (The Cotswolds). He painted only a few minutes each day so the lighting was exactly right. Isnt' it just beautiful and the perfect depection of a summer's night?


Ragged Roses said...

What a beautiful painting! Lilly was my mother's name and my oldest daughter's middle name - it is very special to us! Have a lovely weekend.
Kim x

Nan - said...

Oh my, I love that painting. I love the lantern color, and the color of the dresses. Heidi, have you ever seen the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story? The painting reminds me of it.

Nan - said...

Me again. I googled it, and found this site:

I now have it as my desktop photo. It just makes my eyes feel good. Thanks, Heidi.

"Early Bird" said...

Just stopping by to say Hi and to tell you I enjoy your blog.
I never knew these things about first ones popped up just this week!! I was so excited!