Friday, June 15, 2007

Sauerkraut crocks in the garden

Since Nancy asked what a sauerkraut clay pot or crock was, I went out to take a photo of the second one I have. I only just planted this one up last weekend so you are able to see the pot really well. These crocks were found in farms in olden days and are (still) used to ferment cabbage to make sauerkraut. These two I have used to be used by my husband's grandmother on her farm. That farm still stands here in this neighborhood. Our new neighborhood used to be polderland where cows grazed.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Nancy said...

The sauerkraut crock is beautiful Heidi, and it's the perfect thing for plantings. I love sauerkraut too!

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for showing this,

The Tattered Nest said...

Hi Heidi! thank you for your nice comment on my blog! you have a beautiful home and garden! Love the sauerkraut crock...great color! I should try growing a rose in a pot like this, not much luck getting them to grow in the ground...take care,Gail

Ragged Roses said...

I love the sauerkraut crock (I love sauerkraut)! the rose in the post below looks very good in one too! Isn't it good to be eating outside, although it is a bit miserable here this weekend. Enjoy yours
Kim x