Friday, June 01, 2007

Memories through photographs

We have returned from a week's vacation and I would love to share some of the photos with you. I will break them up in parts over the next few days and over both of my blogs. This is the Mosel as seen from a top of one of the mountains where the former klooster Marienburg is located. Click on the photos to enlarge them for details.

From this high vantage point, you have some beautiful views around you.

Welcome to the charming town of Bernkastel-Kues!

What vacation would be complete without tasting some of the local treats. I had an 'eiskaffee' while my husband had Sacher Torte and coffee.

Impressions of the town of Bernkastel...

Throughout Germany, they mark the high water levels over the years. This is one of the walls painted with the markings and dates of the floodings. You would be amazed at some buildings and how high the markings are.

You cross a bridge connecting the two towns of Bernkastel and Kues. There are a few outlook posts along the bridge that give you not only a nice view of the towns but also views of the boats travelling along the Mosel as with this one carrying coal.

A view of Bernkastel from the bridge.

A view looking onto a church which also houses the wine museum next door in Kues.

Our 'neighbor girls' at Weingut Port where we stayed for two nights. We had a room with a little private terras where we could sit and enjoy the garden and view. These chickens were being kept next door and we enjoyed hearing them when we were outside. Aren't they beautiful!

Lastly, our view from the B&B. If you would like to see a bit more about this weingut you can check out their website at . This is an excellent B&B. The rooms are done up in very high standards. The breakfast room is a beautiful conservatory which has amazing views. Margot puts out a wonderful breakfast buffet to start you out on your day.
Join me tomorrow to travel on to France.....


Nancy said...

Beautiful Heidi! No wonder you had such an enjoyable time.


Solstitches said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Heidi.
What a beautiful place. It must have been hard to leave.
The Sacher Torte Jos had looks soooo good :)

2miaou said...

wonderfull pictures from the Mosel!
happy to read you and to know that you are at home!

lekker "sacher torte" for Jos!!! He likes chocolate, what a surprise!!!

Espresso Girlie said...

These photographs take my breath away. I can only imagine how glorious it would be to actually be there. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip!