Thursday, June 14, 2007

Of wine and roses.....

Another photo of our dinner outside last night which I took for my mother. She asked me if we were eating outside again. She also asked if I was setting the table again. Well mother, here it is! We ate a tossed salad and fresh pasta with spinach and ricotta filling. I simply used some grated cheese and fresh ground pepper on it as the pasta did not need any sauce.

Last year, I bought a miniature rose on sale for only 99 cents. It was such a pretty color and bloomed very well. Normally, these plants don't last past one season. I decided to try to keep it and planted it up in my vintage sauerkraut clay pot I use in the garden. I started growing very robustly this spring.

This rose is no longer a miniature rose. It came back and increased more than tenfold in size. It is now a normal sized rose and look at the pretty color. Last year, it was much more of a lighter salmon color than this year.

I took photos of the rose in all its stages of bloom. I hope I can keep it growing and blooming well from now on.


Anonymous said...

You are a smart aleck, and that rose is beautiful.
Love Mom

Nancy said...


Your table setting is beautiful, and what time did you say I should arrive?!! Your rose is very pretty, but what is a sauerkraut pot? I have never heard of that. Jos is a lucky man to have these beautiful dinners.

Sharon said...

Your roses are beautiful!