Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Of gardens and food.....

Isn't one of the great advantages of a summer's evening, eating a meal outdoors and enjoying the most simple of meals. Summer 'comfort foods' to me are very different than those of the fall and winter months. We eat a lot of salads in the summer but for this meal, I made up a vegetable, cheese and fruit plate. I set the table with a lace tablecloth I bought about 19 years ago in Spain while we were there for a business trip for my husband. Lace is just timeless!

A plate like this in front of you for the evening meal is a feest for the eyes as well as the stomach. I cut up some lettuce and placed it in the middle of the plate topped with a sliced radish, mushroom and green onion, some green olives and roasted pine nuts. I drizzled a little honey mustard dressing over that. Around the lettuce is sliced kiwi, a sliced dill pickle, Gouda cheese, tomato, cucumber, grapes and a few slices of Brie. We ate this with some warm French bread.

Desserts was also very simple. A cup of mokka coffee with a magdalena (Spanish cake).

My pinks are doing well again for the fourth year. I love old~fashioned flowers and bought these for a pot on the terrace. I decided even though they are sold as annuals, I would plant them up in the garden and see if they came back. They are doing wonderfully!

The sparrows come and join us when we are having dinner. Our pergola seperates our two terraces so they have to come right up where we are but this year have decided it is okay to come so close.


Anonymous said...

I love simple, beautiful and delicious meals like that. Looks so divine to dine out amongst nature!

Barb said...

I can't recall how I got here but I love your blogspot. We have friends who lived in Holland for awhile, visited them about 5 years ago. I have fond memories of bicylcing to flea markets, meeting swarte peet and buying really cheap gouda.
Your meal is so inviting. You should open a b&b yourself.