Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter wishes

We started our Easter Sunday with the Dutch tradition of brunch. I made coddled eggs and we had fresh orange juice, kwark brood (creamy raisin bread), warm rolls and a fruit salad. We are not ones for going overboard which happens now at Christmas and Easter. It turns us off just to see the overflowing carts in the over busy supermarkets anymore. We have been keeping our holidays low key for a couple of years now and enjoy it that way.

I have not set the table like this for some time and had fun doing it this morning.

On Saturday late afternoon, the doorbell rang and it was my mailman with a box of these wonderful surprises from Gail at The Tattered Nest. Thank you so much Gail! I loved all my things especially getting a nest from your nest.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


Nancy said...

Your gift from Gail is really nice.
As usual, you are very spoiled. Your table looks wonderful. I love the look of that raisin bread, one of my favorites. Remember wonderful Yorkshire Tea Cakes. You always make your table inviting and the food is always as good as it looks.
Love you, Mom

Carolien said...

Your table looks good, Heidi! And I love the little quilt with the eggs!!!

Have a nice second Easter day tomorrow. Hope the painting is (nearly) finished now???

Have a nice evening & hugs, Carolien

Mia said...

What a lovely Easter brunch you have had! The table so beautifully set and all the lovely goodies to eat.

Easter in Norway is quite a long and "serious" affair, almost like Christmas (only better, in my opinion). The public holidays start already on Thursday, and finish on Monday. But most people start their Easter the weekend before, making it a lovely, long holiday. This year it has been a very cold one, I prefer Easter in April, when the weather is likely to be more clement. The outdoor furniture comes out on the deck, and we might even enjoy an Easter brunch outside. But not this year!

Sharon said...

Happy Easter to you, Heidi. Your table looks just wonderful, as does your brunch.
What a nice swap from Gail too.
Hugs, sharon

Nancy said...

Your table looks beautiful Heidi! I'm glad you and Jos had a nice Easter. Ours was also low key and very enjoyable!

Pondside said...

Beautiful table - and the little quilt is charming! I have to admit to studying the raisin bread! I think I remember eating that when we lived near Heerlen in South Limburg - that and the gingery tasting brown bread. Very yummy! It sounds as though you are having a lovely, peaceful Easter.

Anonymous said...

Goeiemorgen Heidi, Wat een geluk,he, sneeuw voor miss Heidi, zelfs met de Pasen. Dat is genieten! En jouw paasontbijt ziet er ook zalig uit. Ondanks het schilderwerk gelukkig nog wel tijd voor Pasen. Ook wij doen een rustige eenvoudige Pasen. Ben een gelukkig mens die gisteren en eergisteren onverwachts een paar gezellige familiedagen heeft gehad. Is jullie schilderwerk al klaar? Dan gauw nog even genieten van de smeltende sneeuw! liefs Sonja

Elizabethd said...

Hello Heidi
Your table looks very attractive, I do love white porcelain.
We had a day which began with a light covering of snow! Unusual in March in Brittany. But it was no problem to drive to Church for our Easter service, and then on to a lovely lunch with friends.
Today is a holiday in France. Easter is not observed very much, there is no Good Friday here, sadly.

Lilysmom said...

Happy Eou enjoyed yoaster Heidi! Hope yur day!

Andylynne said...

What a warm, beautiful setting for an Easter brunch. We also had a quiet lunch at home. Nothing fancy, and it suited my mom & sister that way. I did have poached eggs for breakfast with wheat toast. Looked up eggs in my Fanny Farmer cook book. I learned more about eggs in five minutes than I had ever learned before. That was an unexpedted treat, I thought I knew qiute a bit about cooking an egg. Your creamy rasin bread souns yummy. Is it a quick bread or a yeast bread. It looks like a yeast bread :)

Andylynne said...

Oh I forgot to mention, Gails gift. It was so thoughtful, and such good timing on her part. Seems like little unexpected gifts are just the best.


You are very welcome Heidi! I hope you enjoy! sit back and read your magazines and nibble a little deserve it! Gail p.s. please share your raisin bread recipe sometime!

carolr said...

Hi Heidi. I love gazing at your table, it reminds of something warm and wonderful and friendly too. I am lucky to have inherited some pretty milk glass from grandmother. I will take a picture of it soon.
I wrote my 6 word memoir, but I need to learn: how to link it to you, and how to put my favorite blogs on my site.
:) Carol

Espresso Girlie said...

How beautiful is that table-setting! Lucky you with that fab surprise in the mail.


Mel said...

Your table settings are always so lovely, Heidi. And how nice to receive prezzies in the mail! On my blog, you asked if Zippo ate my plants - no, he doesn't! He doesn't bother them at all. Also, that green bowl you admired - no, the edges aren't really leaves. It's hard to describe. They're just "pointy". If you go back to my blog and click on the picture, it will enlarge and then you can see the bowl in more detail.

Mary said...

I would have loved sharing your pretty Easter brunch - everything at the table was so lovely Heidi.

By chance, are those white china pieces with the lines and pretty edge (plates and mugs) the EDME pattern by Wedgwood? I have six old demi-tasse cups & saucers in that pattern - found at an antique shop 20 years ago, I treated myself! Also have a vase and a sugar bowl - have always loved this pattern, classic and elegant and can be mixed with others as you have done so well.

You deserved such a lovely surprise parcel - everything is so pretty.

Rhondi said...

Your Easter table looks so beautiful, just like a still life painting. That raisin bred looks delicious!