Saturday, March 22, 2008

Working like rabbits.....

We are not at Cranberry Cottage this weekend. We decided to stay home and get some more of the painting done. Jos is now working on the trim around the French doors and windows in the living room. We want to have this room finished.

Jos took a break to have a cup of coffee after lunch and we had an Easter pastry we purchased at the bakery this morning. There is a bakery right beside the grocery store and we decided to treat ourselves something since it is a holiday weekend. Don't you just love the tiny bunny on top of the pink pastry?

I ordered a wonderful vintage book from Mad Hatter's Bookshop in New Zealand. It is called "Nests and Eggs ~ Shown to the Children". I carefully read all the descriptions of the available editions on Abebooks and Mad Hatter seemed to have a really good copy. I was not disappointed. It is a lovely book and in really great shape.

The illustration plates in this book are so wonderful. It is such a fun book to look through and has chapters on each bird species and their eggs.

Books like this are fun to use for decorating. This one really brings springtime home to us and is perfect sitting on my coffee table with my antique eyeglasses next to my tray of primroses.

How are you spending your Saturday before Easter?



Hi Heidi...I love the illustrations in your book! beautiful. Happy Easter sweet Heidi! keep your eye on your mail box! take care, Gail

Anonymous said...

The book looks wonderful! I love old illustrations like that. ooh! Those pastries look delicious too!!

Have a Happy Easter!


Regina said...

Hello Heidi
Loveley book, I like the old illustration in your book.This little
cakes looks very,very delicious.
I hope they have good tasted.
I wish you and yours Happy Easter!

diane said...

What little treats you have found, both to eat AND to read!! Your book looks so neat. What a little treasure! Happy Easter!

Tanya said...

Those pastries look awesome but that egg quilt - my MY that's a beauty!!! Ben and I just finished dyeing eggs and he put a carrot out for the Easter bunny :)

Happy Easter,

Pondside said...

It sounds as though you'll have a productive (and delicious) Easter! Saturday is just about finished here - we are seven hours behind you, until your clocks change next week, when we'll be eight hours behind. We had a busy Saturday, working on the new room that we're adding to the side of the house.

Nancy said...

Hello Heidi,

It sounds like you and Jos are very busy, and I know your home is looking beautiful! The pastries are so pretty and look delicious, and I love the egg quilt that I'm sure you made! The vintage book is wonderful, and I think vintage books give the same feeling of comfort as vintage linens. Enjoy!

Mary said...

What a gorgeous book Heidi. I spent part of my Sat. (it hit 79 degrees here!) browsing through a used book shop - I always head for the children's section first and I did find a wonderful old copy of The Aesop for Children - will post on it later. Also found some vintage French and Spanish hardcover books, and a pair of very old Romany Gypsy books (English) which look interesting.

I was actually on my way to collect (shhh! still secret) my chandelier for the guest room!! Yes I found one (at SuzAnna's) and had it rewired - at Bob's insistence - and hopefully I'll get it hung soon and show pics on the blog. It is going to be the finishing touch in that room!

Glad you're home and enjoying a relaxing Easter weekend - while poor Jos works his fingers to the bone!!!! I know you'll make it up to him. Those pastries look lovely - I made an Easter cake last night, my basic French pear gateaux but will add 12 marzipan balls (representing the Apostles) like an English traditional Easter Simnel cake, and top with my favorite - whipped cream with mascarpone and acacia honey blended in, yum!

Must run - Jasmin coming for the egg hunt in the garden at 1 p.m. Beautiful day here and I just saw my first Goldfinches on the thistle feeder - life really is good!
Easter blessings. Mary.

Elizabethd said...

What a beautiful book, Heidi, with such lovely illustrations.

Nancy said...

Yummmmmyyyy pastry. The eggs are really cute. Jos shouldn't have to paint, it is Easter.
Love Mom

Carolien said...

I love your book on the nests. Did you see I have a nest in my living room?

Happy Easter! Hugs, Carolien

Betty said...

Oh, the bakery delights look delicious!

The illustrations are beautiful....

Hope you had a blessed Easter...Betty

Gillian L. said...

This is my first visit to your blog. The pictures in this book are very beautiful. I have just started purchasing vintage books and really appreciate the character and charm they have. You have a beautiful blog.