Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love butter!

I love butter and have totally switched back to eating it instead of margarine about a year ago. It is a healthier product than margarine. Did I just shock some of you? Butter is something your body recognizes and can deal with while margarine is not. Yes, it is 80% fat. I know that but it is also a natural product that your body can burn off if not used in excess while margarine is harder for our bodies to dispose of.

I love butter for its wonderful taste. I enjoy a piece of toast or some warm French bread for breakfast often simply with some butter on it. Simplicity is a good thing.
I also love butter from Belgium or France whenever I can buy it. Our winter trips to Belgium mean I can enjoy this luxury.

For months now, I have been eyeing this beautiful creamware butter dish. I ran into a favorite shop up north on Saturday just 15 minutes before they closed. I saw they had two of these dishes marked down to over 50% off due to small blemishes. I love it and snapped it right up not believing my luck to get it for that price after all this time of wanting it. I love it.....blemishes and all.


Kristen said...

Oh I agree! I do love the taste of butter and it is good to add a bit of natural fat to carbs when you eat them as well! Especially tasty when they are whole grains! I love your butter crock! I haven't been able to find one that I like yet. See..... you didn't even scare me with the butter! :) I like it too!

Nancy said...

I love it too Heidi, and I also love and buy butter. I use margarine for baking still though.
Yummy bread you have too.
Love you, Mom

Andylynne said...

I quit eating margarine quite a while ago. I use only butter, but have trouble getting gourmet quality, but do fine regular at the grocery store. I love your butter dish it is wonderful. Such a pretty design. I see why you snapped it up so fast. There is nothing like fresh bread and smooth creamy butter. My favorite is a good Sourdough bread warm and chewey. Now I'm hungry LOL.


Great butter crock! I agree with you on the butter thing...no more fat free products either..all natural for me. Like my parents used to eat! everything old is new again! take care,Gail

Nancy said...

I love your butter dish Heidi, and doesn't it make you feel good that you got it for such a good price?

On the diet King Kevin and I are on we eat real butter. There is no margarine!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Heidi we have done the same thing, switched back to butter. For the little bit we really use now (that age thing, LOL) we decided we would rather have the real thing and really enjoy it then margarine. Love that butter dish - now I need to find something like that rather than the ugly one I'm using.

Happy Spring - Karen

Lilysmom said...

Heidi, this is so funny! We always say that the Lenharts can never have too much butter! I too buy real unsalted butter. It's so much better to cook with. And I totally agree with you, there is nothing better than a warm piece of fresh bread and butter!

Mary said...

I could survive on good crusty whole grain bread and real country butter.......well and a chunk of Stilton, or a wedge of triple creme Brie, and of course a glass of full bodied red to wash it down!

Butter is good, healthy in small portions, turns everything it touches into richness. I never use margarine - will not have it in the house, it's definitely not a healthy product.

Lovely butter crock - fill with the real thing and indulge!!!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Heidi, I agree with you that one should eat as naturally as possible!! unfortunately, I love too many natural things!! ;o))

I love your butter dish - Enjoy!


Nan - said...

I'm with you, Heidi! I've never bought margarine in my life. :<)